Owning a Dog, Human Health Benefits

Are you aware of the many health benefits that owning a dog can bring? In this article, I will share the ways in which a dog can help and improve people’s health.

Owning a dog can help people who suffer from stress. Going out in the garden or in the local park and throwing a ball to your dog brings a smile to your face. You can see your dog wagging his/her tail in enjoyment as the dog retrieves the ball!

This activity will lighten your spirits and make you relax. Forget all your woes at home or work!

Sitting with your dog and petting, relaxing has been proven to lower blood pressure.

Taking your dog on walks is also a great form of exercise, for you and the dog.  When walking the dog, the fresh air and the time away from the house/office/ helps to clear the mind.

All these activities reduce stress, help you to get daily exercise, and smile more.

For extra exercise, add an extra walk in each day. You and your dog will be happy with the health benefits.




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